Learning true meditation for free

Meditation is popular today. But very often it is watered down to pander to people. Nothing wrong with that, as Krishna Himself told in the Bhagavad Gita- Even a little practice of this never goes in vain.

Yoga, in the great tradition of the Indian sages, refers to the union of the individual self with the universal self.Swami Jnaneswara in his wonderful website has explained key concepts and practices of this tradition.

The Buddhist tradition has its roots in mindfulness and Gil Fronsdal and Andrea Fella teach mindfulness meditation for free. You can reach this here. The website is a treasure trove if you want to learn the Buddhist way of meditation and you can also regularly listen to Gil’s talks at Audiodharma

There are also other ways that may appeal to your spirit- after all, all of us are on the path of evolution and no two leaves are the same and neither are no two lives. For devotional practice, some of the simplest and clear teachings are those of the Hare Krishnas. You can find them at Krishna.com or you can listen to Prabhupada’s clear lectures at Prabhupadavani.

If reading the Autobiography of an Yogi has inspired you to consider Kriya Yoga, do not get misled and make sure you visit this site to learn the authentic teachings of Kriya Yoga written in a non-partisan way.

If one is really hankering after what we call self-realisation, the Teacher or Guru will appear when the Disciple is ready. Till then you can use the resources above than paying for a mini-course written by one of the world’s famous bloggers. True meditation is given freely, not sold.


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