The four essential brain foods for your wonderful child

When we think of food, we think of the food that we eat. Your child needs good food and that is only one of the four essential brain foods.

The four essential brain foods that your child needs are:

  • Oxygen
  • Nutrition
  • Love
  • Information

These can be easily remembered by the mnemonic-ONLI.

Lets look at each of them:

Oxygen: The brain of a growing child needs a lot of  fuel and oxygen is the best fuel. More oxygen can be got by exercising and playing in the open air. Make sure your child plays each day and gets lots of oxygen.

Nutrition: Your child’s brain and body needs the best possible food to grow. Make sure she gets good amounts of protein( dal, nuts, milk), green/yellow coloured vegetables, citrus fruits like tomatoes/oranges/melons, other fruits and vegetables and some fat( butter, oil) as well. Then her brain and body will be fed nicely and she will grow well.

Love: Your child needs love to survive, not only in terms of personality and emotional development, but also to actually bring about the physical growth of his brain. Love allows the brain to form better connections among its neurons, to open out, to function well, to receive, to explore, to develop. So love your child as best as you can.

Information: The more stimulating and complex your child’s environment is, the better she will grow. Expose her to a lot of information. Expose her to nature- allow her to explore trees, flowers, leaves, animals, etc. Child friendly musuems, galleries and exhibitions are also very good. Answer all your child’s questions. If you don’t know, find the answer and tell him. Books; good stimulating, not mind-numbing electronic media also can help

So there we go, you only(ONLI) need these four brain foods to develop your child into a fully functional and healthy person.


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