How to be simple

1. Strip all excess or unnecessary matter.

2. Sitting down and opening up the self to the Divine or Higher Being.

3. Removing the clutter between ourselves and God, Spirit or the real Self. This clutter is not only material things but a lot of other things also.

4. If you want to…. do it as long as you can. Give up when and if the discomfort grows too much.

5. If you buy a thing, give away a thing.

6. Trim things and activities to the essential.

7. Sparseness in daily life.

8. Non-attachment

9. Non-busyness.

10. Not hurrying.

11. Having time for oneself.

12. No noise experiencing stillness.

13. Mindfulness- being aware

14. Awareness of the needs of others and trying to fulfill them.

15. Leaving a light foot-print: travel, food, energy usage, shopping, consuming.

16. Not immersed in worldliness-‘being’ rather than ‘having’.

17. Using technology wisely.

18. Moderation in all.

19. Beginner’s mind.

20. Letting go.

21. Being true to our life’s journey, to our inner voice.


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