26 inspiring guideposts for life

1. Remember this is your life

2. Opportunity is all around you

3. Encourage others

4. Make a difference

5. Spread joy

6. Smile

7. Be the change you seek

8. Have fun, live, laugh and love freely

9. You are unique

10. You were not born to fail

11. The universe has no favourites

12. You have everything you need to be ahppy

13. Live your life-it’s the only one you have

14. Life is a here and now experience. Not a competition, or a formal exam

15. Reach out-touch life

16. Encourage those who struggle

17. Care for those who need your help

18. Love unconditionally

19. What you give you will get back in ways you have never imagined

20. Do not waste time being negative, angry, judgemental or jealous

21. Create unforgettable moments of joy, laughter, love and happiness for others

22. You have a brain-use it

23. When you fall-get up

24. Do not be boring and you will never be bored

25. Happiness is in the here and now

26. And when you die: have only one regret; That you won’t be able to attend your funeral and hear all the wonderful things that people are saying about you and feel the love your life created. You will not be remembered by the money you made or the things you possessed. You will be measured by the difference you made, the compassion you showed and the love you shared. If one person’s life is better because you lived, only then my friend, you succeeded.



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