Find, focus and forget

There are three aspects to anything that we do

  • What we set out to do: Goal
  • The real way we do the things: Process
  • What we meet when we do those things: Result

If we really want to live a fulfilled and satisfying life, we should focus on the process and not the goal. The results do not really matter, as we do not have control over them.


If the goal is to become fit, then the process is to exercise and the result is fitness.

Once you decide on the goal of becoming fit(what fitness means to you) focus on the process(walking 30 mins every day) then the result(how fit you become at end of a month) is not that important.

Focus on things that you can control – deciding on goals and process, rather than results

The same is true of anything, if you think about it.

Therefore find the goal, focus on the process, and forget about the results.


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