7 ideas to consciously choose happiness

1. Be engaged fully in the activity you are doing. Do not think of the past or future while you are doing. Live in the here and now. Do not make happiness conditional on future events.

2. Give time to yourself for defining what it is that you want out of life. Not in a vague manner but in a clear manner.

3. Be positive. Be optimistic, have a positive outlook and a positive attitude.

4. Like yourself despite whatever shortcomings you have or whatever physical appearance you have. Feel good about yourself. Accept yourself as you are. Be realistic. All this means having self-esteem.

5. Believe that you have control of what you can do. Have clear goals.

6. Be outgoing, friendly and open.

7. Have a personal sense of significance-what you are going to contribute to yourself, your family, your community and the world to benifit each of them. Find your own sense of purpose.


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