The spiritual practice of writing the Divine Name

Yoga in its true sense means the union of the individual self with the universal Self. The great sages and mystics have taught many ways by which we can prepare ourselves for this to happen. Some methods are easy while we might find others difficult. One of the easier ways is repeating the name of the Divine. This is called Japa( to repeat internally).

The spiritual practice of writing the name of the Divine is called Likhita Japa. Likhita=writing and Japa=repating and remembering internally.

When we write the name of the Divine we are engaging all our senses. The eyes see the name being written. As we write the name, we repeat the name internally and we hear it. We can also put on an audio recording of the name or mantra as we are writing it. The hand is involved in the process of writing and this involves the feeling of touch. We do not actually smell the name, but we can light some incense and in this way can smell the presence of the Divine. We cannot taste the name as we are doing the japa. But we drink or eat sanctified food offered to the Divine after we finish the Japa. We are engaging our visual, auditory and kinesthetic(touch) modalities while we are doing Japa in this way. While doing so, we are engaging different parts of the brain. This concentrates our being and leads us into meditation, contemplation and prayer. So the act of writing the names of the Divine is a powerful spiritual practice and easy.

We should remember some principles while doing it:

1. Choose a notebook where you are going to write the name of the Divine. You can choose any name of the Divine which attracts you.( eg. Sri Rama Jayam)

2. You can decide to write for a fixed amount of time( say 10 minutes) or you can decide to write a fixed number( say 1 page or 10 times or 108 times). You can also decide to write as long as you want to without any fixed commitments. However you should do it daily for it to become part of your nature.

3. While writing, see the name, repeat it loudly or internally, hear the name or have a audio recording of the name while you are writing it. All this will improve your ability to concentrate and will take you deeper.

4. You can burn some incense which will give you a spiritual atmopshere and can offer some water, fruit or food to the Divine while you are doing the Japa. You can then eat the food sanctified by the japa and the Divine after you finish writing.

The real benefits of the practice will be felt as to continue to do it daily.


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