How to lose weight by changing your diet and exercising

Physical health is important. Many people are overweight today and this can cause disease.  We can change our diet and exercise to achieve a healthy weight. I will show you how to do it.

1. The first step is to measure your body mass index(BMI). The formula for this is-

BMI=Weight(kg)/ height(metres) x height(metres)

So if you weight 65 kg and are 156 cm( i.e 1.56m as 156 cm/100=1.56m) tall, your BMI is 65/1.56 x 1.56=26.7

2. The second step is to measure your waist circumference. You can go here to see exactly how to measure your waist circumference.

3. The third step is to go here and see whether you are underweight, normal or overweight and your risk for obesity related disease

4. If you are not overweight, then congratulations. This post does not apply to you. If you are overweight then changing your diet and exercising will definitely help. You might need other treatments as well( like behavioural change, medication or even surgery). We are not going to discuss these things here.

5. The next step is to set up realistic achievable goals. These should be:

  • Keep your body weight stable( within 5 pounds of current level) and do not gain weight
  • Aim for a weight loss of 5-7%. So if you are 65 kg and want to lose weight, your goal should be to lose 3.25-4.55 kg of weight

6. The next step is to estimate the amount of calories needed to maintain your weight. To calculate this multiply your weight by 22. Then give a buffer of 20%. So if you are 65 kg then

  • Amount of calories required to maintain weight= 65 x 22=1430kcal( range of 1114 – 1716 k cal)

7. An average deficit of 500kcal/day will make you lose 0.5 kg/week for 3-6 months after which the body adapts and it is difficult to lose as much subsequently.

8. The next step is to have a calorie controlled diet. It might seem tempting to think one can manage with 900k cal/day but it might not be practically possible. So if you need 1430 kcal to maintain weight, I would start with 1100 k cal. If you do not seem to lose weight after 3-4 weeks, I would then go down by 10%. But the lower most limit would be 800kcal/day.

9. To find out how much calories you are eating, you can go to this website and you can check the amount of calories you are taking. 

10. The type of diet is not at all important. It has to be a balanced diet and the amount of calories is more important.

11. You also need to exercise 30 minutes each day for 5-7 days a week. Walking is the best exercise. Start slowly. Do not over-strain yourself.

12. Monitor your progress by writing down what you did each day.

If you do this, then you will find you will lose weight and be healthy. If this is useful, please feel free to thank me.


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