11 ideas for getting out of debt faster

1. Write everything that you spend, yes, everything, even small things. Then analyse it at the end of the month. See if any expense can be reduced or eliminated without altering your lifestyle. Look at things which can harm your health, for example, smoking, alcohol, junk food etc. If you can eliminate them, then you will become both physically and financially healthy.

2.Before you buy something, look for quality and cost as related to quality. See if you can buy it cheaper in another place and also whether trying to do that makes sense financially. There is no point saving a rupee by driving a kilometre to buy something slightly cheaper.

3.Do not use a credit card to buy things, unless you are using the credit card for cashback, etc and you have money to pay the credit card in full each month.

4.Never buy on the spur of the moment. Wait for a day, a week and a month and see if you still want. If you do, go ahead and buy it. But you will find that the chances are that you won’t.

5.Look at how a major purchase will affect your financial freedom number and see whether it is really worth it. Always look for alternatives that will be cheaper and still be sufficient to do the job.

6.Buying things online could be cheaper. Therefore check prices online before you buy. If you can buy a thing online cheaper and you see it in a retail shop and want to buy, then ask them for the online price. If they do not give it to you at that price, buy it online.

7. Ask for discounts. Say that you are on a budget and can spend only so much.

8. If a thing costs Rs 100/month, see how you can generate Rs.100/month in passive income.

9. Legally, try to reduce your taxes as much as possible and make sure that the way you are doing it gives you the best financial benefit.

10. Pay off your debts faster with the payoff debt priority technique

11. See if you can renegotiate your debt terms.


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