How to look at failure

It is very important to understand the concept of failure. If you misunderstand the concept, then you might sometimes live your whole life unhappy.

Failure is not final. Failure does not mean you are a failure. Nobody is or can be a failure.

What failure means is this: You or society had decided that something had to happen. That does not happen. You or society said you failed. It is just an event. The meaning that you want to give to the event is yours. If you view that as a stepping stone, then that failure is also a stepping stone to success.

My father in law told me the story of someone who had failed his X and XII standard exams at least once before he could pass it. After he got a graduate degree with difficulty he still found it difficult to get a job- he was a failure in the eyes of the society he lived in. Then, he took up a JAVA course,when information technology was picking up, and with hard work, gained competence and got a job and now is earning Rs. 1.5 lakhs/month, more than what many of his well qualified and bright colleagues are earning.

This boy viewed the failures as stepping-stones. He had failed, but he was not a failure. He succeeded because of that attitude.

We have to adopt the TEFCAS attitude to life.

Event( something happens)
They take Feedback from that event as to where they want to go.
They Check themselves and make Adjustments.
Until they Succeed.

View failure as an event, then you will succeed.

It is an event to test your resolve, to build your determination and to develop your character. Success will always follow your last failure, and that is why you must always persist. Remember that when you fail you are not a failure. Take both victory and defeat with equal grace. It is an experience you learn from, not a condition that afflicts you. Rather than use the word failure, use the word learning opportunity. Do not stop trying because you do not get success- it is better to try and fail and not to not try at all.


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