How to create a plan to achieve anything

There are seven key steps to create a plan to achieve anything.

1. Clearly identify the goal you want to achieve so that you know exactly what it that you want, how it looks and how it feels once that goal is achieved.

2. Write down a completion date when you want this goal to be achieved.

3. Identify the stages between starting and completion. These stages are mini-goals or mini-objectives. Write down the date or anticipated length of time it will take to complete each of the mini goals.

4. Identify the challenges or lack of knowledge you have. Create solutions for the challenges. Acquire the knowledge you need.

5. Create a reward for achieving each of these mini-goals. The rewards can be simple or extravagant. The reward reinforces a stronger sense of self-image and personal achievement in your sub-conscious mind.

6. Revisit the goal and your plan on a daily basis. You must be able to see your progress and identify actions you have to take.

7. Adjust the time-frame or the plan as necessary but continue to move towards your goal.


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