The essence of motivating yourself

 We all have needs. Abraham Maslow best described it, which is shown in the picture above. To fulfil those needs we act.

That ‘thing’ which makes us act and continues to keep us acting till we fulfill that need is what is called motivation.

To be motivated two things are necessary:

Involvement: You need to be involved in it, you must want it with your body, mind, heart and soul. You will be more involved if you visualise the rewards, the positive feelings and personal satisfaction achieving the goal will give you. If you make a promise to yourself by writing it down or confiding to a close friend or relative, then that also fuels your involvement.Then you will act and then you will keep acting even if there are hardships, challenges and setbacks. You must have a clearly defined goal and you must not be afraid to fail in the process of achieving it. This type of involvement will give you motivation.

Appreciation: You are not going to achieve everything in a moment. So you need positive feedback on the way. When you achieve a little step that takes you nearer to your goal, appreciate yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back. It is good if those who are close to you also appreciate but it is not necessary. If you give yourself positive feed back like this on the way, then your motivation will persist.


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