Guideposts for living with what is

Notice when your thoughts argue with reality. Reality is what is happening now. You cannot change it because that is what is happening now. All our stress is because we want reality to be different from what it is. If it is raining, we want sunshine. If it is sunny, we say it is too hot. What has happened should have happened because it has happened. Whether it is pleasant or unpleasant we do not have any control over that. Once that happens it is better to accept that it has happened and see what we can do next. Then the way we act becomes more powerful and effective. We are at peace.

Minding your business.There are three kinds of businesses. Mine, yours and God’s. God’s business: Nothing within my control or your control- so forget about it. Your business-what you want, what is best for you, etc. I have no way of knowing that-hence forget about that also. That leaves my business. Be present to yourself, what you yourself need and forget about other’s business and God’s business. Then see whether stress decreases and peace increases.

Remember that thoughts are not ours. They come from nothing and go back to nothing. Like clouds in the sky. The problem is we attach ourselves to our thoughts, thinking they are true. Once we keep doing it we create beliefs of what should be and what should’nt be. Be aware as thoughts appear and let them go. See them with understanding. Do not get attached to them. Then see what happens.

The stories you create. A lot of the time we create our own stories. Our own interpretations of things that happen, our own views of how things should be, how one should behave, how the world should run, etc. They are own stories. There is often nothing true about them. We think they are true. Do the stories you create help or hinder? Do they create stress or peace?

Understanding your uncomfortable feelings. We suffer because we have an uncomfortable feeling. Every uncomfortable feeling has a thought that is not true. It is thought that argues with what is, the reality. Once you understand an untrue thought creates suffering, you move away from it.

inspired by the writings of Byron Katie


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