How to create change: Part 5- Limiting your focus to small manageable goals

Do not try to tackle too much at once.

You will usually fail and this will lead to the feeling that you have lost control and hence you are not able to do anything properly. Feeling that you are in control is one of the strongest drivers of well-being and performance. Once you have this feeling of internal control-i.e your actions determine your fate in life, we work harder, we achieve things and our self-belief grows.

To gain this feeling of control, we should not do all things at once. We have to go step by step.

  1. Be aware of yourself. Identify how you are feeling and put those feelings in words. Verbalise your feelings.
  2. Identify which aspects of the situation you have control over and which you don’t. Separate things into two categories: things that you have control over and things you don’t
  3. Once you have done that, find one small goal you can easily carry out. Do that.
  4. Then take one more goal. Do that. Keep doing this. Small successes can add up to major achievements.

Self-awareness. Things you have control over. Small goals. Action.

Four simple things that can help you change for the better.


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