The traffic signal and life

This thought came to me today as I was waiting at the traffic signal to change to ‘green man’ so that I could cross the road-

When I arrive at the traffic signal, there are two signals possible:

  • Red – don’t walk
  • Green- walk

I cannot choose what signal is there when I arrive. If it is green, I walk and cross the road. If it is red, I have to wait till the signal changes to green. What happens when I wait depends on me-

  1. I can be calm and patient and wait for the signal to change, which it eventually will.
  2. Or I can become restless, impatient and think about how unlucky I am and how I am going to be late, etc.
  3. Or I can be alert try to quickly cross, if the road becomes empty of traffic.

Option ‘2’ is the least useful.

If you look at it, this applies to all of life. There is no point in becoming restless and impatient. We just have to wait for the right condition. Change needs time. There is no point in rushing. There is no harm in being patient and alert so that if conditions change we can quickly act.




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