The little blog post for a minimalist life

1. Omit needless things.
2.  Identify the essential.
3.  Make everything count.
4.  Fill your life with joy.
5.  Edit, edit, edit, keeping the above four principles in mind
6.  Realize you already have enough: Food, water, basic clothing, shelter, loved ones.
7.  Stop buying non-necessities(start a 30-day list).
8.   Learn to recognize when you have enough.
9.   Rethink necessities(car, meat, lots of clothes, a big house).
10. Be happy by doing, not owning.
11. Start simplifying your schedule.
12. Reduce commitments(not more than 4-5).
13. Clear your schedule by leaving space in it.
14. Cut down on your to-do list.
15. Choose three tasks for each day.
16. Start cutting back on clutter and possessions.
17. Find a place for everything.
18. Get rid of the fear of losing something when you declutter.
19. If you haven’t used it in 6-12 months, toss it.
20. Realize that it’s more wasteful to hold on to things if you don’t use and love them.
21. Take a picture if things have sentimental value.
22. Have a “maybe” box when you declutter and toss them after 6 months if unused.
23. When decluttering, do the following:
24. Start with one flat surface at a time.
25. Take everything off the surface.
26. Take one thing off the pile, make a quick decision -keep, maybe, toss(give, sell, recycle).
27. Repeat this process with every item in the pile, one at a time.
28. Now clean the surface, shelf, cabinet.
29. A minimalist home is less stressful, more appealing and easier to clean.
30. It has minimal furniture, clear flat surfaces with a few accent decorations.
31. Quality is emphasized over quantity.
32. To minimalise your home start with one room at a time.
33. Have little furniture and clear floors.
34. Have simple artwork and decorations, plain patterns and subdued colours.
35. Store all stuff out of sight.
36. Edit and eliminate; make sure there is a place for everything.
37. Then you can sit back, relax and enjoy.
38. For a minimalist workspace do the following.
39. Have one inbox.
40. Clear out your inbox everyday.
41. Clear your desk.
42. Clear the walls.
43. Get rid of knick-knacks.
44. Go as much paper-less as possible.
45. Clear your computer desk-top.
46. Eliminate unnecessary stationery tools.
47. Simplify your filing.
48. Have only essential things in your drawer.
49. Clear the floor.
50. Minimalise your computer.
51. Put all the icons on your desktop into a folder.
52. You can subdivide this later on into Working and Archives.
53. Remove all your desktop icons.
54. Choose a serene desktop picture.
55. Remove all unnecessary apps/icons on the menu bar.
56. Use the keyboard and not the mouse(Autohotkey, Launcy, Quicksilver).
57. Set up 4 folders in documents folder: Inbox(downloading), Working, Reading, Archives.
58. Use Google Desktop to search your files.
59. Keep documents, photos online.
60. Use textedit, writeroom(mac) or wordpad, darkroom(PC) for writing.
61. Use Gmail’s simple task app or a simple text file for to do list.
62. Go paperless: read things digitally, file digitally.
63. Stop faxing, sending paper memos, letters, bills, notices,
64. Stop getting paper catalogs, magazines, newspapers and newsletters
65. Stop printed contracts as much as possible. Use echo-sign.
66. Use e-mail, online forms, online invoices, online banking and paypal
67. Digitize your physical stuff: digitize photos, take photos of memorabilia, scan papers.
68. Digitize CDs and DVDs.
69. Travel with a light baggage and a light itinerary.
70. Have a light wardrobe and light grooming needs.
71. Eat less and mostly natural food.
72. Exercise more with no equipment by walking, running, etc.
73. End consumerism.
74. Have an emergency fund.
75. Get out of debt
76. Use cash
77. Automate your finances.
78. Don’t buy unless you really need it and have the money.
79. Accept that kids will cause some clutter.
80. Purge their things regularly.
81. Do not force your loved ones towards this route but be an example.

notes from  A simple guide to a minimalist life by Leo Babauta


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