How to be happy and rich

Accumulating material wealth is not the “end all and be all” of life. However it is easier to accumulate wealth if you get great satisfaction from elements in your life that do not need overspending. It is not necessary to buy prestige brands to enjoy life, to smell the roses. There is little correlation between this type of spending and happiness. Those who spend like this with the hope that they will be happy will be disappointed.

A good health, loving family and caring friends, a job that you enjoy and good values are essential to happiness. If you do not have these, then overspending and buying and displaying luxury goods will not transform you to a happy person. Money makes things easier and not better.

Most millionaires were happy before they became financially independent. They set goals, spent less, invested sensibly and accumulated wealth slowly. There were confident and in control of their lives. Material things did not control them. They are married to a wonderful spouse and hence every day was a joy. They fund the education of their children and grandchildren, give to noble causes and help others who are not so fortunate. They are not “all work, no play” type. They do not have the need to act rich by spending and displaying. They do not fall prey to the media hype that spending freely will make you happy. It will not.

What will make you happy is hard work, personal achievement, things and activities that lead to improvements in life. Not brands.

If you do these, you will be happier and richer-now and tomorrow.


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