The three streets of investing

Three streets of investingImagine you are walking on a road and you come to an junction. There are three routes that you can take. Which will get you to your destination?

In the investing road, we have the choice to take any of the three routes:

Wall Street: A place ridden with conflicts of interest

Main Street: A place where you have no way of verifying whether it is true or false

University Street: A place which encourages research and evidence based methods of successful investing.

Which road are you going to take?

Wall Street or the financial media and companies are more interested in making money out of you and not making money for you.

Main Street or your neighbours, family and friends give ideas that are risky and you have no way of verifying whether you will meet your goal or not.

University Street encourages research based methods of investing of all types.

Follow the University Street and you will be safe.


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