The three concepts for succeeding in anything

If we want to succeed in learning anything, there are three simple concepts that we need to understand and integrate in our lives:

Understanding what the goal is: Many people think that the goal is to become better with each try or attempt to learn something. The reason is because we cannot get better with every trial. We will not achieve what we set out to do miserably at some point. At that point we will give up and say that this is not for me. The goal if it is reframed as – To learn with every trial, we find that we have the correct formula. So even if we do not achieve what we set out to do in a miserable way, we do not view it as failure because our goal was to learn with every trial. Yes we have made an error, but we can correct and learn again till we achieve what we set out to do. This leads us to the second concept.

The Success Formula: Our brain is a success mechanism, it is not a trial and error mechanism or failure mechanism. This formula is called TEFCAS and I have written about it in an earlier post. If you use positive goals and use this formula, you will succeed definitely.

Persistence: None of the above things happens at the first attempt. So we need to persist, to keep doing the TEFCAS and learning with every attempt till we achieve what we set out to do.

Understand these three concepts and incorporate them into your life and you will achieve your aims.


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