Be aware

Be aware of craving.
Be aware of aversion.
Be aware of desire.
Be aware of fear.
Be aware of  imagining some future happiness and success
Be aware of running away from future  perceived suffering and failure
Be aware of catastrophizing- excessive analysis and interpretation
Be aware of excessive judgement
Be aware of worry, blame and guilt
Be aware of what is around you.
Be aware of thinking – should, have to, ought to,  can’t and must
Be aware of your need to hold on tightly and to control
Be aware of how you view your life circumstances- a victim or a creator
Be aware of how you view life- abundance or scarcity
Be aware of what you think is possible
Be aware of always wanting more.
Be aware of your addiction to stimulation.
Be aware of your compulsive busyness.
Be aware of how your saturate yourself with problems.
Be aware. Awareness is the still silent background of our being. Watch your breath. Accept your thoughts and not fuel them with desire or expectation, allow them to become words and pictures in the mind appearing against a silent background of awareness. Allow anything to come. Be aware of it. Allow it to go. Be awareness itself.