How to get the most from reading any non-fiction book

Whenever you read a non-fiction book, you have to read it in a particular way to benefit the most. Otherwise you will read many books and will not gain from reading them. The way to do it has been described by Napoleon Hill. I think it is a very good method, a very good formula to get the most from reading any book.

What is the formula?

The formula is called the R2A2 formula.

The formula stands for:

  • R – Recognize
  • R – Relate
  • A – Assimilate
  • A – Apply

Recognize: When you read a book, you have to recognize the key points the author is trying to say. A good way of doing it is to take notes or use mind-maps. You also have to keep your goals in mind and fish out useful information.

Relate: Information that does not bear any practical use for our daily life is useless. Hence when we read a book we have to concentrate on the meanings and words as they relate to your own goals. You have read as if the author is writing to you.

Assimilate: Assimilation means to learn and understand a thing thoroughly. To do that when you read means to underscore sentences or passages that are important to you. Note down the essence of what the author is trying to convey. Note down how you can apply the ideas in your own life

Apply: Application is the most important thing. Unless you apply a thing practically, all knowledge is useless. Unless you take action nothing that you read will be useful. Therefore you should apply practically what you read.

That’s it.

The four pillars to get the most from any non-fiction book: recognize, relate, assimilate and apply; then you are on the to extracting the essence of any book, practically applying it in life and succeeding.