Stories 11: Remembering God In Daily Life

The Indian sage, Narada, was a devotee of the Lord Hari. So great was his devotion that he was one day tempted to think that in all the world there was no one who loved God more than he.

The Lord read his heart and said, “Narada, go to this town on the banks of the Ganges for a devotee of mine dwells there- Living in his company will do you good “. Narada went and found a farmer who rose early in the morning, pronounced the name of Hari only once, He then lifted his plough and went out to his fields where he worked all day. Just before he fell asleep at night he pronounced the name of Hari once again. Narada thought, “How can this rustic be a devotee of God? I see him immersed all day in his worldly occupations.”

Then the Lord said to Narada, “Fill a bowl to the brim with milk and walk all round the city. Then come back “without spilling a single drop.” Narada did as he was told. “How many times did you remember me in the course of your walk around the city?” asked the Lord. “‘Not once. Lord.” said Narada. “How could I when you commanded me to watch that bowl of milk.”

The Lord said, “That bowl so absorbed your attention that you forgot me altogether. But look at that peasant who though burdened with the cares of supporting a family, remembers me twice every day?”