What does it mean to be truly wealthy?

I need money to pay rent for my house. I need money to buy bread. I need money to send my child to school. I need money…. for a lot of things in life.

But what does money exactly mean?
Why do we spend a lot of our life earning money?
What does having a lot of money to do with being wealthy?
How much wealth we need?
What does wealth mean?

These are all intensely personal questions and each one of us has their own answers to these questions, consciously or unconsciously. The way we live our lives and the quality of our lives depends on the answers we give to these questions. There are no right or wrong answers. All answers are right some time. All answers are wrong some time. But we have to answer them to some extent or else we cannot live. We might try to run away from these questions, but the questions will seek us, because the questions are part of the essence of living.

There are some guides though… to go in the right direction… and some of them are:

  • Understanding that money is not everything
  • Understanding that money is not nothing
  • Understanding that we do not take anything with us when we die
  • Understanding that all of us die and we do not know when
  • Understanding that we will leave what we have for those who we leave behind
  • Health is an important thing and we should have healthy habits
  • A positive attitude is of great benefit
  • Helping others makes us happy
  • Being truthful gives us peace
  • A clear conscience helps us sleep well
  • Wisdom gives us strength

Is this true wealth?

I don’t know…. for sure…. but what I know is if I have these things, I am richer than people who have a lot of money but don’t have these things.

Why? Because that is what my inner being thinks so…

What do you think?