The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo: The Pure Existent

This post has my personal notes and reflections of the chapter called The Pure Existent from The Life Divine written  by Sri Aurobindo.

When we look at the world around us, we can see infinite activity and existence pouring out. Our existence is but an instant in the grand scheme of things. We behave as if the world exists for us, but if look at things with a dispassionate spirit we can sense that the universe has it owns aims and goals which it is trying to achieve. That does not mean we belittle ourselves and say that there are grander things and we are nothing in the scheme of things.

The Divine is equally in every speck. An anthill is as important as the sun. Not in spirit only, but in all actuality, in quantity and in quality. It is all the Divine. But we do not live in this way. We think we are important and when we do things we see whether it benefits us in some way or not. We therefore separate ourselves from the Divine. The first thing to do, therefore, is to understand that our goal should be express the Divine in whatever we do, because we are the Divine.

The Divine is Being. The Divine is becoming. The Divine exists even if all that we know cease to exist. The Divine is all that exists. The Divine is still and active at the same time. These things cannot be understood by the mind. We have to go beyond to understand them, not by our mind, but by something that is greater than the mind.

If this is so, then all the movement in this world, is the Divine expressing itself. The aim is to express it so fully that  there is no difference between the Divine and the movement itself.