The seven paths to the heart of simple living

Path 1: Financial Independence

Live frugally; save liberally; retire debt as fast as you can

Path 2: Meaningful work

Find work you love, colleagues you respect, and give to the greater good

Path 3: Housing Happiness

Buy a manageable sized house, eco-friendly and energy self-sufficient and pay off your mortgage as soon as you can.

Path 4: Good home-making

Decorate simply, make lifetime commitments for furniture and fixtures by buying quality and buying consciously, adopt non-toxic cleaning methods and simplify your wardrobe.

Path 5: Eat well

Cook healthful food at home, eat together as a family, and eat mind-fully

Path 6: Have a garden

Build a small garden, grow flowers and connect with nature

Path 7: Mindful ritual

Have daily rituals to strengthen your body, mind and spirit. Connect with your community. Make meaningful annual and rite-of-passage rituals for birth, marriage, graduations and leaving this world.

– inspired by The Heart of Simple Living