Four great truths from the Diamond Sutra

The Diamond Sūtra talks about these four great truths:

I am not this body. This means that we should identify ourselves with our body alone. The body is born and it dies. It does not mean that the body ceases to exist. It exists in a different form – it comes from the natural elements and goes back to the natural elements. This is how transformation of the body happens. Like, for example, consider water. Water can exist as vapour, solid ice or liquid water. When it changes form from one to another, the previous form apparently dies, but is actually transformed. If you look at it, this happens to everything. Similarly, if we say that I am this body, it will cause suffering and pain. This is because the body at some point in time will get transformed. The actual being that experiences life is the being that experiences life. That is why in the Upanishads, it is said: All this is Brahman. Brahman is but a word. All this is Divine. If we understand this truth even to a small extent, it will make us more peaceful and happy.

There is no difference between a human being and a non-human being. So if all is Brahman or the Divine and all is Divine and the form only varies, there is no difference between any living being in the ultimate sense. If we understand this, we will start living in a more kind way, understanding that everything needs to be taken care of.

There is no difference between living things and non-living things. We apply this not only to those things that are living but also non living things. Like,  for example, this computer on which I am typing is non-living in one sense. But it is helping to type and send the thoughts of a living person. The thoughts of a living person cannot exist in this form without the computer. In that sense, it becomes living, it becomes non-different from the thoughts. The thoughts are interdependent on the computer. This too is Divine. If we understand this, we will respect even non-living things. In fact, they are living. Science says that atoms are moving very fast. In a deeper sense, matter and energy are interchangeable. They also come into being and then disappear after some time.

There is no birth and no death. The manifestation is temporary. The essence is eternal. Water exists. Clouds come and go. Ice comes and go. Flowing water comes and go. But water always exist. Everything is eternal in this sense.