The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo: Conscious Force

This post has my personal notes and reflections of the chapter called Conscious Force from The Life Divine written  by Sri Aurobindo.

All that exists is essentially energy. This energy assumes various forms. Some forms are subtle and some are more obvious and material like the things we see(like the tree or the body). But everything, in the  ultimate sense is the Force. You can call it the Divine. You can call it God. This is that  stillness beyond everything. It is this that creates. It is simultaneously still and moves. It is non moving like a table, swims like a fish, flies like a bird, jumps like a tiger and walks like man. Because this energy is expressed in so many ways, it has the ability to change. It is also aware of the change. This is what we call as consciousness, probably.

Consciousness is present, even when we sleep, as we are aware of how we have slept. If that is true, then the table, the plant, the animal and the bird all have consciousness to some degree or the other. In some ways, they have more consciousness than us- a flower is so beautiful, a cheetah is so agile and a spider’s web is so intricate- can these come into existence without consciousness.

Consciousness is the primary thing. Force is the primary thing. The body, mind, feelings, matter, etc are all instruments but they are not the primary thing. The primary thing is consciousness. This consciousness is there in the inert, in the subconsciousness and what we call normal consciousness. But it is also there in what is beyond our consciousness, superconsciousness.

It has always been consciousness that has evolved into various forms of expression and will continue to evolve until it is able to express itself the best.

 For the Force that builds the worlds is a conscious Force, the Existence which manifests itself in them is conscious Being and a perfect emergence of its potentialities in form is the sole object which we can rationally conceive for its manifestation of this world of forms.