The Art of Meaningful Living -1: Hope

Hope means ” A feeling of expectation and wish for a certain thing to happen.” To live a meaningful life, we must have hope that meaningful living is possible. The reason hope is important is, because without hope change is impossible.

We might feel that a big change is too much and we lose hope that we can do it. That is okay. We do not need to make big changes. We just need to find a small step that we can do to move towards the life you truly want.

A small step. Something that you can do. Something that keeps your hope alive. As you keep doing these small things, hope grows and you can do bigger things. Like how a drop of water that persistently drips on a rock wears that rock away and makes a hole.

To do that small step, you need to believe that you can live a meaningful life.

What is this meaningful life I am talking about?

Performing activities every day and every present moment
Personal fulfillment 

Once we are able to this we live a meaningful life and not a desperate life where you do not have passion or personal fulfillment while you do things.

As Martin Luther once said,

Everything done in the world is done through hope.