On joy and sadness

If you believe in God, that’s fabulous;
if you believe in Buddha, that’s fabulous;
if you don’t believe in anything, that’s fabulous.
But please believe in yourself and please
believe in the happiness you can bring to the
people around you. Believe in that.
Wouldn’t that be lovely?

We can bring joy to others if we have controlled our minds. We can control our minds if we take any holy being’s teachings – of Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus Christ, Krishna – and we really sincerely practise them, not just follow blindly, then we will see a big difference.

What is right or wrong is how happy or unhappy you feel. And feeling happy or unhappy is not determined solely by an outer, physical environment. It is a state of mind.

The secret is not to give up money, position, your wife, your husband or your children – the secret here is to do what you need to do for them but to realise you are only here for a short time. If you keep existing only for making yourself happy based on external objects, you will not be happy because those are not the causes of happiness. If you have experienced any “happiness” from these external objects, it is false, it is made up, it is you telling yourself you are happy. Actually, you are not.

The ones with the biggest position, the biggest name and the biggest wealth will suffer the most because everything reinforces their fears and their non-perception of reality.

Stop looking for reasons not to practise.
Stop looking for reasons to be unhappy.
Where has that gotten you?
Surrender! If you do not want to be happy for yourself, then be happy for the people you claim to love. Make them happy by being happy yourself.

Because I’m depressed, I don’t have to do anything, improve, change, be responsible and just remain stagnant year after year…I wonder if it’s the every deep self-centred mind under the cloak of depression that fools myself and which I hide behind??

I, me, myself, cherish me regardless… with this “mantra” at our core, why ask “why” when things are unfulfilled?

I don’t know where my likes and dislikes actually lead me to but one thing is certain: In order to truly be surrounded by what I like and avoid what I don’t like, I always need to not have likes and dislikes, and just accept…

We endure pain with suffering because we are attached to ego – we do not want to have suffering, we are selfish, we do not care if other people are suffering.

However if we endure pain without attachment, we will be able to endure it; we will not suffer. In fact, the very pain we have will increase our happiness because we are accepting the pain, problems and difficulties for the sake of others.

The key to happiness is taking our strongest affliction, working on it and chipping away at it over time. When we chip away at it over time, we will see it lessen. When that lessens, the reactions that would have arisen from that mind also lessen. When the reactions that arise from that mind lessen, the counter-reactions back to us from others will also lessen. Then, we will experience more peace.

A direct, long-term and permanent solution for depression is the continuous practice of giving: giving of time, love, help, advice, care, Guru devotion, giving to the Sangha, giving medicine, money shelter, Dharma, practice, devotion and material needs to others continuously without self-centered motive, especially to those who cannot benefit themselves. In time, you will see depression lessen and its duration shorten as a direct and immediate result of giving.

In giving to others, you give to yourself; in giving to yourself, you give to others because the happier you become, the more you can do for others. And the only way to create happiness for yourself is by making other people happy.

There are people who have pursued helping others and they are much happier than people who pursue themselves.

-Tsem Tulku Rinpoche