On peace and anger

If we are going to pray for and benefit the world, we should start with the people we live with. We don’t talk about world peace, we talk about the people we live with.

There is no ONE cause for world peace but if you had to pick, then eradicate the self-centred mind first. The rest will follow.

Peace cannot be left as an unattainable goal. If we apply effort, it is achievable.

If we do not create inner peace, outer peace is not possible.

As a result of the selfish mind, we have global warming, we have war and conflicts. All this arises from the selfish mind.

Speech is the cause of war as well as peace.

Assumptions make war, clarifications lead to peace.

Anger is impermanent; disharmony is impermanent. We must ask ourselves where we will be once that is over. That is more important than the moment of anger.

Deception, lying and stealing are causes for small-scale wars that lead to the loss of inner peace for others and ourselves.

Not getting revenge is a true sign of inner peace and strength.

Choose to be part of the problem or part of the solution.

Anger is quick and it passes but its effects are worse than EARTHQUAKES and its after-effects stay. Why create earthquakes when there are none?

Controlling one’s anger one step at a time leads to balance and peace.

Do not hold anger, it benefits no one.
Do not act out of anger, you will only be ashamed afterwards.
Do not incite anger because you will get burned.
Be the first to make peace.
Be the peacemaker and wherever you go, you will be loved and be able to love.

A tear can be ego and anger can be compassion.
Anger can be ego and tears can be compassion.
It depends on where it arises from.

– Tsem Tulku Rinpoche