On life and death

Time passes fast. Whatever we work so hard to accomplish in life vanishes fast. People age fast. People die and they never come back as we know them, so we have to make the best of it while they are here with us now. Do not let simple obstacles – laziness, fear, avoidance, excuses – stop you from doing the best you can for people who have been kind to you in many ways.
Time and death of people will not stand still for you to finish your project, plans, works and wishes. If the real reason for what we are doing now is to bring happiness to those we care about, and we neglect, mistreat, forget them or make them sad, then how do we know that will still be around or alive when we are ready?

We talk about death so we can live. We realise death so we can make others live.

In life, everything passes by very quickly and whatever has happened in the past does not matter anymore – it becomes like a dream. In time – even the dream fades. But the “results” from that dream do not fade. Eventually, we will have to experience these results so we need to be aware of what we are doing right now that will be the cause for those results.

I am right…i am wrong…your way…my way…I can’t…I won’t…I shan’t…I AM that way…I am, I am, I am… With death so near, what does it matter??

Accept that things have to go, accept that things have to change, accept that things have to degenerate, accept that all things do not belong to you eventually.

No matter how beautiful you are, you will not be beautiful one day; no matter how rich you are, your wealth will be taken away at the time of death.

If we were to die tonight, close our eyes, have an accident; if our plane was to crash, if we ate something wrong, if we choked, got robbed or shot – if any of these things were to happen to us ad if today was our last day to live, then what would be the value of the things that we have done from the time we were born until now?

Time is short. Opportunities will be lost. If you think you are young and you are going to live forever, the people around you who you care about will not be young and live forever.

Yes, your difficulties and your problems are genuine, they are real, but they will also pass.

The conditions for someone to be perfect are impermanent. The conditions for someone to be imperfect are impermanent too – do not be attached to either.

I want you have another perspective. Right now, tonight, you find out your husband or your wife died. They died. No more. You go home and your partner, your friend, your mother, your daughter, your sister, your wife, your husband is dead.
You go home alone.
Now, how do you feel? Now, who wins? What about the latest argument? The latest nagging session? The latest fight? The last time you sat there in anger and thought, ” They did this and they did that to me”? And you what is the fear behind all that? It will happen. None of us can escape that.

YES to friends, to lovers, to business meetings!
YES to dinners and parties!
YES to dates, drinks, entertainment, watching TV, eating and shopping! But when something is wrong, how, where and who? Friends and lovers leave. Parties always end. Shopping is only a temporary therapy and leads to debts.
Yes, we need business and money but how much is enough? What is the limit? Dinners are lovely but what do they lead to?
At the end of this, we set back and, while flossing our teeth, we feel a deep sense of loneliness, senselessness and purposelessnes. Not because we are bad, but because we have been focusing too much for too long on the wrong agendas to happiness. Perhaps our activities are not balanced. We need a consistent balance in life between the spiritual and the material.

Ants work so hard to drag crumbs, dig and build anthills, jostle to mate with each other and then maybe “securely” die. In between, someone may step on their anthill, it might rain or myriads of other incidences might arise to take away their hard-earned security. Our life is like that but just longer. No matter where we are, there is no security in samsara.
As long as we continue to work towards that sense of security, we will become disillusioned, depressed and tumble down, no matter how “high” we get. No matter how much we build our lives towards this, it will be constantly threatened, taken away or we will lose it in the end. And because of our strong habituated belief that THERE IS SECURITY, our sufferings arise.

What matters is right now. How you react.

– Tsem Tulku Rinpoche