The Art of Meaningful Living – 4: Meaningful lifestyle

meaningful lifeThere are two styles of living: meaningful and avoidant.

Risk is always present. We cannot avoid all physical and psychological pain. Pain and risk are part of life. We can try to manage risk and pain but we have to understand that we cannot control everything.

But we can choose how we live.

We can choose an avoidant style. We live our life trying to steer clear of pain and avoiding getting hurt. It is like going on a road trip with the goal of never hitting a pothole. The best way to achieve that is to never leave the house in the first place. We will never hit a pothole but we will never go anywhere.

We can choose a meaningful lifestyle. We live our life by having destinations we want to go and reach. We will have obstacles, but we manage them when they come. We change, we seek help and we get back on course. We move towards our dreams.

Look at your lifestyle, and see whether it is helping you lead a meaningful life.