The Art of Meaningful Living – 13: Learn the learning curve

The learning curve is a process.

It has four stages:

  1. Unconscious incompetence: Blissful ignorance. I don’t know what I don’t know.( pleasure)
  2. Conscious incompetence: Sad ignorance. I know what I don’t know, and that hurts.(pain)
  3. Conscious competence: Attentive competence. I know what I know if I concentrate on it.(pain)
  4. Unconscious competence: Automatic competence. I know what I know without giving it a second thought.(pleasure)

Remember learning to ride a bicycle.

A meaningful life also involves a learning curve. Sometimes we want to give up during the painful phases. We should not. We have to see them as learning and growth. Then we will be able to stick with it. Awkardness and pain means you are on the learning curve and that is good.

Understand the learning curve and it will make the dreary and painful bits meaningful.