The Art of Meaningful Living – 14: Define your passions

Passions are people, activities and things that fully engage you. You are in the ‘zone’. You don’t feel time. When you lead a meaningful life, your personal passions become the basis for your daily life choices. The following elements can help you discover your passions:

  1. Friends: See if friends and social life are central to your meaningful life or not.
  2. Grow: Growth is characterised  by continuing education, training in new specialities, experiencing other cultures, and learning new skills. Growth can be painful but is rewarding. Is growth an important part of your meaningful life?
  3. Nurture: Do you find meaning in nurturing others:parenting, mentoring, coaching, caring for pets or plants?
  4. Partnership: Do you want to join another person in an intimate relationship?
  5. Play: Do you want to do activity with the purpose of relaxing, amusing and delighting yourself?
  6. Relate: Do you want to connect with who you came from: your family?
  7. Serve: Do you want to serve a community, large or small? This can bring great satisfaction and meaning.
  8. Transcendence: Do you yearn for the ability to exist above and apart from the material world. Spirituality, whether it is organised religion or just believing in a greater power is transcending. Creativity is also transcendent.
  9. Heal: Is healing yourself physically and emotionally with adequate sleep, a nourishing diet, physical activity and healthy relationships a key part of your meaningful life?
  10. Work: when work is a passion, it’s more than earning a living; it becomes a calling. Career and financial security can give you self-esteem and confidence and other areas of meaningful living can have expression

Which of these 10 elements tugs at your heart and thrills your mind. These are your passions.

Once you define your passions, you have to live them. Your life’s journey is a road paved with the choices you make each day. If most of your daily choices are impulsive and reactionary, then you will never find any meaning in your life. Hold your passions in your mind, as you make decisions both big and small. Choose what best fits your passions and you will move towards a more meaningful life.