The Art of Meaningful Living – 16: Be Here Now

The past is gone. The future is yet to come. What is now is present. Yet we all spend most of our time in the past and the future where we have no control.

We need to be aware.

  • Take sixty seconds and notice all the activity in your mind and body.
  • Take sixty seconds and notice what is happening around you.

Don’t worry about what you will miss. Just notice what comes into awareness. This is the ability to be mindful. To do this well, you need to have the right attitude.

Research has shown that mindfulness positively affects your emotional states and improves your immune system. I wrote an article on it many years back which you can read here.

Mastering the ability to be mindful of what is going on around and within you will help you make more informed choices. It will also allow you to endure discomfort when necessary and enjoy present moment living.

This will make life more meaningful.