The Art of Meaningful Living – 17: Have all of your experiences

From the day we are born till the day we die we have experiences. Life is full of experiences. We cannot choose the experiences, though. You have to accept what is put on your plate. If you moan about what is put on your plate or compare your plate with another’s you are never going to find meaning in your life.

Yes, we will aspire to do certain things to get certain experiences depending on our passions and goals, but life throws a lot of things at you and you have to deal with it anyway. You don’t have the choice.

So what to do with these experiences?

Have all of your experiences in the fullest way possible. Don’t make judgments about them, and call them negative or positive. Feel the feelings completely. Then react in a considered way. This increases your ability to tolerate distress and shortens the time you will suffer. Do not bury your feelings and emotions. Emotions are not bad, they do not make you weak. They cannot be buried. They will come out in another way, which may be more harmful. Your feelings have a meaning. You need to uncover them with awareness. Then act in a proper way.

Embrace your experiences of the internal and external worlds. Listen for what they are telling you, and choose responses that fit your meaningful life.