The Art of Meaningful Living – 19: Reduce and reframe non-meaningful activities

Just like doing what you are passionate about is important, not doing what you are indifferent about is also important. If most of your time is filled with acts of indifference instead of passion, you will despair. Once you know what you are passionate about, focus on eliminating that which you are indifferent about.

Reducing activities that are not meaningful frees time and energy for passions. We sometimes do not cut these non-meaningful activities because we want to stay in our comfort zone.  We also live a non-meaningful life because of others’ priorities. But we have to do it if you want to live a meaningful life.

Reframing activities that are not meaningful is another option when stopping the activity is not practical. This means you have to change the meaning of the activity in a way that it furthers one of your passions. If one of your passions is taking care of your family but you cannot change your job, you can view the job as a means of taking care of your family, thereby changing the meaning of your work.

Reduce and reframe what is not meaningful. Your life will be more meaningful.