Learn English through Pictures for FREE!

English through Pictures is a method to teach yourself English by reading three small books with pictures. It starts from the basics and builds your vocabulary, grammar and comprehension skills in a step-wise way.

The website’s information about how the method works is found in this document.

You can download the three books here. The first and second books are the originally published books while the third book is an updated version( when you look at it, it looks the same as the second book but  has more words.

Once you master the three books, you will know the 1000 most common words in English, have a good grasp of English grammar and will be able to comprehend very well. These 1000 words can help you understand 20,000 more words of English.

English, as you all know, is the universal language. These books are also very useful for young kids learning English.

So here we go, you can download the books from the links below:

I hope these books are useful to learn English for yourself or your kids.