Life Energy: The concept that transforms your life

Let us try to understand this term: Life Energy.

Well, everyone knows what life is. We are born. We live. The body dies. This space between birth and death is called life in a very simple sense. This means that the life we live is finite. There is a limited amount of time. Even if someone lives a long life, say 100 years. 100 years is 876000 hours. I am 36. I have lived 315360 hours. 36% even if I live 100 years. The countdown never stops. It ticks away continuously, second, minute, hour, day, week, year.

Energy is a scientific word. In a practical sense, we can say energy is strength, the power to do something, the power to create, destroy or just waste. Krishna, in the Bhagavad Gita said that no man cannot stop himself from doing work, even if he remains still. Whether we do work that is useful and elevates or useless and degrades is up to us. But we all have to do work in some form or the other as long as we live.

So you have time and you have the capacity to do something. Time and energy. Your life energy. Both of them are not infinite. You have to choose what you want to do with that. The choice is yours, although the world might say that you have no choice. We all have a choice.

This concept of life energy is very important. Because this is the essence of our life, we have use this life energy to choose to do things that will make your life meaningful. Your life. Not society’s view of what your life’s meaning is. Everything that we do in life we pay for with our life energy. This is our currency. And we will certainly become bankrupt one day. So we need to be conscious, aware of how we spend our life energy, what we are getting in return and whether the way we spend our life energy and what we get when we spend it is meaningful and worthwhile to us. I mean us, not somebody else.

  • You use your life energy when you work. You get paid back in money. You trade your life energy for money.
  • You use your life energy when you take care of someone. You get paid back with a feeling of joy and love. You trade your life energy for love and joy.
  • You use your life energy when you spend time with your family. You get paid back with close family relationships. You trade your life energy for a close family relationship.

You use your life energy when you…..You get paid back with….You trade your life energy for….. This is a universal equation. Only you can decide whether this equation is worthwhile and meaningful.

Understanding this will help you shine the candle of awareness into everything that you do and transform your life.