The dozen actions to create an extraordinary life

Living an extraordinary life is easy. We make it difficult. We can make it easy, if we choose to. One way of doing this is to take the following twelve actions. Don’t beat yourself up. Take it easy. But, act.

1. Speak the truth.

  • Describe your feelings or relate something you have experienced exactly as you have felt or experienced it. Speak truthfully about your inner experience. Monitor what you say. Do not exaggerate, embellish or speak “white” lies. Be considerate of the other person when speaking the truth.
  • If you catch yourself speaking what is not true, correct yourself by saying: “Well, actually that was not completely true – it really was like this.”
  • If you feel the other person is exaggerating, gently ask him-“Is that accurate information.”

2. Ask for what you want.

  • If you want something from somebody, ask for it in a gentle, pleasing way. Be specific.
  • Ask silently for the experiences you want each day: visualize, affirm and pray for the experiences you want.
  • Prayer, meditation, visualisation and affirmations are all aspects of asking for the thing we want. Be persistent in asking. But do not be demanding or impatient. Gently keep asking and leave the rest to Him. Take it easy.

3. Keep your agreements

  • When you make an agreement with yourself or somebody, keep it. Do not break an agreement.
  • If you realize you will not be able to keep an agreement, immediately renegotiate as soon as possible. Contact them to say why you cannot keep the agreement. And renegotiate to reach a new agreement, that satisfies everybody concerned.

4. Take responsibility for your experiences.

  • External events are merely stimulating situations. We are free to choose our own response to those
  • situations. Stop blaming others.Anybody can do or say whatever they please, but you do not have to respond any certain way. You make yourself angry; you make yourself happy. You are the master of your own life. It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you choose to do about it.
  • We each create our experience based on our past.If you are not enjoying an experience, you can choose to learn and grow from that situation. It is actually possible to use every circumstance for either pleasure or personal growth.
  • Begin realizing that your experiences are linked to what you are telling yourself. It is not what happens to you, it’s your inner response that generates your feelings. That inner response is just a voice in your head. Like a computer, you can reprogram your head to say something else.

5. Associate with like-minded people.

  • Empower yourself by spending time with people who will encourage you when you stumble, instead of telling you to give up. Use the Internet to search for groups, clubs, organizations and people who are aligned with your goals and objectives.
  • Make new friends. Take action to find new friends around you.

6. Create financial security for yourself. 

  • We all need food, clothing and shelter. Once we have these we have enough. To create financial security, you need to follow the above five actions with regards to your financial life. You have to be truthful about your current financial state, ask for what you want in your financial life, make agreements as to how you are going to get it by taking responsibility for your financial actions and associate with people who are financially secure.
  • Giving some money in charity gives you a sense of wealth. Therefore do it as you consider fit.

7. Add good feelings to your life.

  • Each morning you should be able to wake up and feel that life is good and worth living another day. Obviously, money alone cannot bring happiness. Day-to-day living should feel good. It is absolutely necessary if you want to be completely fulfilled. If regular Good Feelings are missing from your life, you are going to experience that your life is “just not working.”
  • Don’t deny yourself pleasure because you have some idea that it is decadent, unspiritual or selfish. Quite the contrary, bliss is a necessary part of growth.When you are enjoying yourself, you are experiencing joy. Joyousness is a wonder-filled spiritual experience.When you have joy in your life, it radiates out and touches everyone you encounter. It not only nurtures the person experiencing the joy, but others as well. Feeling good is not indulgent, but a way of expressing appreciation for the abundance and beauty of life.

8. Acknowledge your self-worth

  • Self-worth means that you feel good about yourself, you respect yourself, you feel worthy of success, you have a sense that you are powerful enough to control your own destiny, and you feel okay about yourself even when other people put you down.Self-worth means that you know you are perfect just the way you are and you accept yourself completely. Even if you are trying to improve yourself in certain areas, you start with the premise that it’s perfect for you to begin from the point you’re at now.
  • Remember that the universe is as perfect as it can be now. Since you are part of the universe, you are also perfect. Obviously we change and we evolve but that does not take away our perfectness.
  • It is important to forgive yourself for anything you have done in the past. Everyone makes mistakes, and our greatest lessons are generally byproducts of our greatest mistakes. This is how we grow – from trial and error.The past is gone and exists only in your mind. Each day you are born anew, and guilt or unworthiness based on the past can never make a positive contribution to your life or anyone else’s. Mistakes are a part of the process involved in finding yourself. If you regret something you said or did, notice that you may have behaved inappropriately, learn the lesson you need to learn, and resolve to act more appropriately next time. You are perfect even when you make “mistakes.”
  • Sometimes humans behave as if they absolutely need the approval of others in order to survive. If someone criticizes us, or disapproves of our actions, we frequently react as if our very survival is being threatened. Remember that you do not need anybody’s approval to feel perfect.

9. Practice active compassion.

  • Love is unconditional. Accept other people unconditionally- be loving, forgiving and serve them all.
  • There is no limitation on how you can serve. You can tithe, you can volunteer, you can visit an elderly shut-in, you can read to a blind person, you can water plants for a vacationing neighbor, you can walk a buddy’s dog while he’s sick, you can remove graffiti from public places, or you can do whatever else might occur to you. Giving in this way is really receiving.
  • Look at your life. See whether you are just concerned with yourself or practicing active compassion. Using your creative imagination, devise a way in which you can be of service. Your selfless service can be a one-time project, or it can be a commitment to something ongoing. You can serve a person, or a good cause, the choice is yours.

10. Make time for creative expression.

  • Find a hobby. Whether this takes the form of music, sewing, gardening, dance, art, song, writing, sports, or some other hobby or vocation, including business, we must somehow unlock our creative capacity. Otherwise, we can lapse into boredom.
  • Whatever form of creative expression tickles your fancy, take action by making time to include this in your life. Regardless of how busy you are, and no matter how cramped your schedule, realize that creative expression is a life requirement, and make time for it.

11. Cultivate attentive awareness.

  • Pay attention 100% to whatever you are doing, then you will enjoy each moment and you will grow. You will be able to learn from situations you never even noticed before.
  • Paying attention to your thoughts will reveal how you yourself create most of your problems. Paying attention to your habits, actions and relationships will give you insights that will add to your personal power and effectiveness in the world. Don’t judge yourself or even try to change the habit. Just continue to pay attention. Before long, the habit will have corrected itself as if by magic. You will not have to make any conscious effort to do anything at all to bring about the results you desire. All you do is begin to pay attention in a new way, and your life suddenly improves.
  • Once you pay 100% attention, you begin to sense that you are in the world, but not of it. You can detach yourself so that you are no longer like a robot, instantly and automatically reacting to whatever pushes your buttons.
  • You are aware that you aware. You become the witness. The events of your life come and go as in a movie screen. You are detached. When you practice this detachment, events are no longer “good” or “bad.” Everything just “is.” You watch the movie without judgment and are able to make conscious decisions without reacting from habit to whatever is happening on the screen of your life.
  • Awareness transmutes life into a constantly active process of meditation. Once you become self-aware,
  • you will sense a spiritual presence that is always with you and within you… always watching… aware of everything that you are aware of.
  • The more you are able to detach yourself from your own thoughts and feelings, the sooner you will realize that you really are capable of being the watcher of your own life-movie.

12. Develop a connection to a higher power

  • God is all that is. Since everything that exists is God, in one form or another, the only way that God can make a tree is by becoming the tree. Likewise, the way God made you was by becoming you.
  • Take action now through the practice of remembering how God created you. Allow God to appreciate the sunset through your eyes. Acknowledge that it is God listening to the birds through your ears. In this way, you will develop a deep inner sense that you are constantly connected to the source of creation, and all that is.

Are these actions out of anybody’s reach. No. Anyone can do these actions, if they choose to. They are simple.

I am trying to incorporate these into my daily life. I hope you will too.

-weaved from  Let It Be Easy by Tolly Burkaan.