Consecration to the Divine

Consecration to the Divine is the secret of existence; a perpetual renewal of force comes from communion with the Infinite. – The Mother

Consecration means to dedicate oneself. The Mother has given two simple analogies to understand consecration.

Consecration-River and pond analogy

The Infinite is the river that flows without cease; the individual is the little pond that dries up slowly in the sun. Consecration is the canal that connects the river to the pond and prevents the pond from drying up.

Consecration- Battery and Power analogy

The Infinite is the inexhaustible storehouse of forces. The individual is a battery, a storage cell which runs down after use. Consecration is the wire that connects the individual battery to the infinite reserve of forces.

These images can help us understand this process of consecrating ourselves to the Divine. Visualising this process will help us to consecrate ourselves to the Divine.