Tap Dancing to Work: Warren Buffett On Practically Everything

Tap Dancing to Work: Warren Buffett On Practically Everything is a book by Carol Loomis with articles on Buffett. Most of these articles can be found in the Fortune magazine. Some of them are taken from Buffett’s annual letters while a few are written by Buffett himself. I have gathered all of them in one place. Investors and those who want to learn about Buffett hopefully will find a lesson or two among these articles.

You can find the articles below:

  1. The Jones Nobody Keeps Up With
  2. Hard Times Come to the Hedge Funds
  3. How Inflation Swindles the Equity Investor
  4. A small college scores big in the investment game
  5. Shareholders get to vote on charity
  6. Berkshire Gives Up on Giving
  7. Letters from Chairman Buffett
  8. Can you beat the stock market?
  9. You only swing on 3 and 0
  10. Capital Cities Capital Coup
  11. Merger fees that bend the mind
  12. The inside story of Time Warner
  13. Buffett to Disney: All Thumbs Up
  14. Beating the market by buying back stock
  15. Guess who’s bought WHOOPS bonds
  16. Now hear this
  17. Should you leave it all to the children?
  18. Dial B-U-F-F-E-T-T for Merger
  19. Early fears about index futures
  20. The inside story of Warren Buffett
  21. The wisdom of Salomon?
  22. Warren Buffett’s wild ride at Salomon
  23. Now hear this-2
  24. Nebraska special
  25. A warm tip from Warren Buffett-It’s time to buy Freddie Macs
  26. A very full deck
  27. Raising Cayne
  28. How to live with a billion
  29. Now hear this-3
  30. Are these the new Warren Buffetts?
  31. And now a look at the old one
  32. How I goofed
  33. The children of the rich and famous
  34. The Midas touch at a discount
  35. Buffett buys junk
  36. Now hear this-4
  37. The world’s best brand
  38. What really happened at Coke
  39. The value machine
  40. How Buffett views risk
  41. Buffett hits $200 million downdraft
  42. The Billionaire Buddies
  43. Gates on Buffett
  44. Untangling the derivatives mess
  45. Now hear this-5
  46. Why Warren Buffett’s betting big on American Express
  47. How Buffet rated Amex a buy
  48. Gift that gives-a bit o’ Buffett
  49. The Bill and Warren Show
  50. A house built on sand
  51. Are Jimmy and Warren Buffett related?
  52. Put bite into audit committees
  53. Mr. Buffett on the stock market
  54. Warren Buffett: Revivalist
  55. Warren Buffett invests in the First lady
  56. The value machine
  57. A letter from Fortune’s letters column
  58. Warren Buffett on the stock market
  59. The mash note everybody wants
  60. The oracle of everything
  61. A letter from Fortune’s letters column-2
  62. Avoiding a mega catastrophe
  63. Where we’re putting our money now
  64. The sage goes to Asia
  65. The 25 most powerful people in business
  66. The most powerful business person: Warren Buffett
  67. America’s growing trade deficit is selling the nation out from under us. Here’s a way to fix the problem-and we need to do it now.
  68. Why foreigners can’t ditch their dollars
  69. The market according to Buffett
  70. The best advice I ever got
  71. The $91 billion conversation
  72. Cut your gains
  73. Buffett’s alter ego
  74. Buffett backs GM- and buys a Caddy
  75. Warren Buffett gives it away
  76. How Buffett’s giveaway will work
  77. Would you like that $11 billion in twenties?
  78. Buffett to Gates: Spend it!
  79. Marking to Myth
  80. The oracle’s credit crisis
  81. What Warren thinks
  82. Buffett’s big bet
  83. What Obama means for business
  84. Buffett’s market metric says buy
  85. Riders on the storm
  86. Buffett takes charge
  87. Who the admired admire
  88. Buffett Mr. Fix-It
  89. The $600 billion challenge
  90. My philanthropic pledge
  91. A new Buffett takes Beijing
  92. A nation grapples with charity
  93. Why stocks beat gold and bonds

When fortune first mentioned Warren Buffett, in 1966, Berkshire’s stock(today’s Class A) was about $22. In mid-September 2012, it was $133,000.