1797 words on success

Success is defined by the Webster’s dictionary as the attainment of wealth, favour or eminence. Success may mean material things or spiritual things.

99% of success stories have three steps: passion, action and persistence.


You will never achieve the success you want unless you find a pursuit you feel strongly about….something you are passionate about. You need to be as precise as possible in identifying your passion…an activity you love doing. You see not everyone will realize all of their dreams. But in the pursuit of something you love doing, you can’t lose. You have created a lifetime of doing what makes you happy. The clearer you are regarding your passion, the better. Clarity leads to visualisation which fosters achievement.

Identifying your passion means watching for signs like when you lose track of time, when you don’t hear anything around you, feel relaxed and centered, energized, forget to eat, have a sense of wellness and focus easily for long periods of time. Childhood pursuits can often be a sign of what you really like to do. Because kids are not worried about making money, practicalities, don’t care about what others think. They just do what makes them happy and they live in their imaginations. Passion alone is not enough. You also have to have aptitude. The passion and the aptitude have to intersect. Once you find your passion you have to create a living around what you love doing. We all need money to some extent. You have to accept that certain passions will not lead you to become super-rich but any passion should lead you to make enough money, and some. But it is often not practical to quit your job immediately. That is fine. You need to take a small step to put yourself in an environment where people are doing what you like to do-like joining an association or club, working for free in your spare time or doing what you love in your spare time.


But it is not going to be an easy ride. One of the reasons people give up on their dreams is that they underestimate the length and difficulty of the passage, and then when the going gets tough, they quit. Therefore you have to expect adversity. When it comes , you do not panic. Because you know it is par for the course. Of course, if adversity never shows up, that is great. However the truth is that they are very few overnight instant successes. It is usually a long process of small increments which over time build into a big success. You have to accept that it is going to be difficult and that is okay.

Do not think that the passage to success should be quick and easy because you have talent. Talent is overrated. 99% of the time success is the result of nothing more exotic than a lot of hardwork and a specific mindset. What kind of mindset?

  • Successful people understand that nothing good comes easy.
  • Successful people have no sense of entitlement or expectation that good things will just happen to them. They fully expect to have to fight for every foot of progress they make.
  • Successful people focus on the value they can bring to their attempt and that they should do their best to add value to the lives of people around them.

What appears to be natural, effortless talent is often the result of hours of hard work, practice and repetition and frustration. There are no short-cuts. Determination, courage, tenacity and patience are more important than talent. Success is less about inborn ability and more about environment, hard work, or even good timing. The successful people work much, much harder and people who achieve world-class excellence have put in at least 10,000 hours of practice. Not just any practice. Excellence comes from deliberate practice- the process of analyzing and identifying what you are not good at and working at that. You need to work at the edges of your current aptitude – areas where you struggle. An inborn trait will never mature into excellence without lots of hard work, practice and repetition, determination and desire, and persistence. But just because you practice hard, you will not become great. But without giving your chosen activity all that you have, without a burning determination to succeed and persist, you will never know how far you can go. But if give it all you have got, you have a reasonable good chance. There are very few limits on what each of us can accomplish. If we really want something, we have a shot at getting it- whatever our inborn aptitudes, smarts or physical make-up. And if you use your nerve fibers as much as possible you will develop skill because in a biological sense, if you keep practising, you will make more myelin and your nerve fibers will become more skilled and you will become excellent.

We should learn that the mind is extremely powerful. Whatever you seek, if you have a will to succeed, a determination that cannot be defeated and a steely refusal to quit- well, then almost anything is possible. A strong mind is therefore very important for success. The thoughts floating in your head may or may not be conducive for your success. But you are free to choose which thoughts you want. You can observe your thoughts and insert thoughts that  foster your success and eject thoughts that don’t. Your actions are controlled by your thoughts. Therefore successful people master their thoughts:

  • Do not let irrational anxieties control their actions or inactions
  • Do not let ego or a sense of entitlement interfere with their best efforts
  • Do not let an event of failure stay in their mind for long.
  • Do not have thoughts of complacency
  • Do not let ideas of procrastination
  • Do not feel sorry for themselves no matter what happens
  • Do not get down on themselves and give themselves credit for trying
  • Develop focusing skills- the ability to fill their mind with clear dominating thoughts to the exclusion of all else
  • Develop the mental fortitude to persist in the face of severe headwinds.

Mental fortitude is an acquired skill. We have the ability to choose our response to whatever is happening around us. But we have to act. So many people leave their dreams on the table because of fear of failure…looking stupid…the unknown. Yes, there are no guarantees in life. But unless you take action, there is a 100% guarantee that your dreams will not come true. Fear+Inaction=Regret. When you act you are putting yourself out there for people to judge you…to criticize you…and make fun of you. That is often frightening. Usually it is the deliberation that creates the greatest anxiety. Once you take the first step forward, things are often less stressful. Even if you do fail, and fail miserably, you are a winner because you took a step toward your dream scape. the key to achievement is to see failure as just a stepping stone to success. People of great achievement recognize that failure is simply a part of the process to success. Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm. when we venture into something new, we feel fear and doubt. That is normal. Ideas and dreams are safe when they live only in your mind. bringing them out into the light is scary. The best antidote for that is that first step forward.


When you take that first step forward, very often you fail. But that is normal, par for the course. It is almost as if adversity is a rite of passage. To succeed from there, one dominant characteristic is an absolute refusal to quit- a steely persistence no matter what. You feel like you are invisible to the world when you fail. Often the drive for success is lonely. You and you alone must fuel the quest for success. You have to labour alone, no matter what. You have to have a crystal clear image of what you want and you just keep on going. The number one determinant of success in any endeavour is persistence. Excellence comes with time in almost any endeavour. You need to have a fire in your belly,  a rage to master. Often it may be be because of a sense of loss, death, divorce or an unhappy childhood, a poor self-image or the need to compensate. But this is not necessary if you are quite happy stepping off the ladder of success after just a few rungs. But others won’t be happy unless they reach the top. But with persistence all things are possible. Those who stay the course, no matter what the setbacks, usually prevail and reach their goals. Those who don’t are the ones who miss life’s opportunities. The reasons why this is so are:

  • The longer you work at something, the more perspective you bring to it.
  • The longer you work at something, the better you get at it.
  • The longer you work at something, the greater the likelihood that you will be in action when your “ship comes in”.
  • The longer you work at something, the greater the probability that you will wear down the opposition.

The reason experts are wrong is that success is not about what is visible. The true keys to success-heart and will- cannot be seen at first glance. The more you persist, the better you get at it. the more you stick things out, the better you get at sticking things out… Both the desire to quit and the will to persevere are states of the mind. By pushing yourself through one adversity, you build your ability to push past future challenges. Some things can help:

  • Challenge yourself in increments.
  • Optimize your energy levels.
  • Remind yourself of your goals every day.
  • Learn and practise techniques for mind control.
  • Disconnect from critical self-judgment.

So, the ten most important characteristics of successful people are:

  1. Success stories commonly boil down to tales of ordinary people with the courage to take action in the pursuit of something they felt strongly about, and the will to persist against all setbacks.
  2. Successful people prepare for the journey from where they are to where they want to be.
  3. Successful people do everything they can to maximize the probability of their success. They take nothing for granted, believe in constant improvement, pick their spots, network, treat all people with respect and don’t wait for good things to happen.
  4. Successful people take action.
  5. Successful people learn to combat the fear of failure.
  6. Successful people work on their mental fortitude.
  7. Successful people train themselves to see the glass half-full.
  8. successful people are very hard workers.
  9. Successful people persevere.
  10. Successful people believe in right and wrong.

That’s it. 1797 words on success.