The S.U.R.E Way To Get The Correct Information

We live in a world where information is constantly presented to us. It comes at us all the time and from all sides. If we try to take everything, it results in information overload. The only way to make sense of all this information that is presented to us is to use a method that will help us pick the true from the false, the useful from the doubtful and the reliable from the questionable. How do we keep the best, and filter the rest?

The answer is one word: SURE

S= Source
Look at its origins? Is it trustworthy?
Make sure the source of information is reliable and credible.

Know what you are reading. Search for clarity.
Look for facts rather than opinions.

Dig deeper. Go beyond the initial source.
Investigate thoroughly before making a conclusion. Check and compare with multiple sources.

Find the balance. Exercise fair judgment.
Look from different angles – there are at least two sides to a story.

And the way to remember this is to remember the word SURE.  Do the SURE test and you are more likely to get the correct information.

– inspired by SURE.


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