The Christmas Messages Of The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Christmas was designated by the Mother as the festival of the return of the Light. The Light means the Supramental Light, although it is not stated explicitly. Simply, we can call it the Light of the Divine. She gave various Christmas messages, which if we put into practice can help us evolve and grow towards the Divine. Here are some of them:

  • May the New Light illumine your thoughts and your lives, govern your hearts and guide your action.
  • Let us celebrate the Light by letting it enter into us.
  • If you want peace upon earth, first establish peace in your heart.If you want union in the world, first unify the different parts of your being.
  • May this new Christmas be for you the advent of a new light,higher and purer.
  • Union and goodwill upon earth.Behind the rigidity of the outward celebrations there is a living symbol; it is this that we must remember.
  • Unless a break is made with the habits and the beliefs of the past, there is little hope of advancing rapidly towards the future.
  • Let the light dawn in your consciousness.
  • Hail the new light.That it may grow in all hearts.
  • The time has come for the rule of falsehood to end.In the Truth alone is salvation.
  • We want to show to the world that man can become a true servitor of the Divine.Who will collaborate in all sincerity?

Father Christmas,
I evoke you today!
Answer our call. Come bearing all your marvellous gifts.
You are the great dispenser of worldly possessions; you are the
untiring friend who hears every request and grants it generously.
Give each one the material object he desires, and as for me, give
me enough, give me much so that I may give largely to all.

(Significances of the gifts offered by the three Magi to
Jesus at the time of his birth)
Gold: wealth of the world and supramental knowledge.
Frankincense: purification of the vital.
Myrrh: immortalisation of the body.

Merry Christmas!


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