New Year Messages From The Mother

Let the birth of the new year be the new birth of our consciousness.
Leaving the past far behind us, let us run towards a luminous

Lord, the year is dying and our gratitude bows down to Thee.
Lord, the year is reborn, our prayer rises up to Thee.
Let it be for us also the dawn of a new life.

We surrender to Thee this evening all that is artificial and false,
all that pretends and imitates. Let it disappear with the year that
is at an end. May only what is perfectly true, sincere, straight
and pure subsist in the year that is beginning.

O Lord! Grant that this year may be the year of Thy Victory.We
aspire for a perfect faithfulness which would make us worthy
of it.

Glory to Thee, O Lord, who triumphest over every obstacle!
Grant that nothing in us may be an impediment to Thy

Lord, grant that everything in us may be ready for Thy Realisation.
On the threshold of the new year we bow down to Thee,
O Lord, Supreme Realiser.

Will be the year of purification.
O Lord, all those who take part in the divine work implore
Thee that by a supreme purification they may be liberated from
the domination of the ego.

A year of silence and expectation…
Let us find, O Lord, our entire support in Thy Grace alone.

The world is fighting for its spiritual life menaced by the rush of
hostile and undivine forces.
Lord, we aspire to be Thy valiant warriors so that Thy glory
may manifest upon the earth.

Glory to Thee, O Lord, conqueror of every foe!
Give us the power to endure and share in Thy victory.

The hour has come when a choice has to be made, radical and
Lord, give us the strength to reject falsehood and emerge in
Thy truth, pure and worthy of Thy victory.

O Lord, the world implores Thee to prevent it from falling back
always into the same stupidities.
Grant that the mistakes recognised may never be renewed.
Grant lastly that its actions may be the exact and sincere
expression of its proclaimed ideals.

The earth will enjoy a lasting and living peace only when men
understand that they must be truthful even in their international
O Lord, it is for this perfect truthfulness that we aspire.

Lord, it is Thy Peace we would have and not a vain semblance
of peace, Thy Freedom and not a semblance of freedom, Thy
Unity and not a semblance of unity. For it is only Thy Peace,
Thy Freedom and Thy Unity that can triumph over the blind
violence and the hypocrisy and falsehood that still reign upon
Grant that those who so valiantly struggled and suffered for
Thy Victory, may see the true and genuine results of that victory
realised in the world.

At the very moment when everything seems to go from bad to
worse, it is then that we must make a supreme act of faith and
know that the Grace will never fail us.

Forward, for ever forward!
At the end of the tunnel is the light…
At the end of the fight is the victory!

Lord, on the eve of the new year I asked Thee what I must say.
Thou hast made me see two extreme possibilities and given me
the command to keep silent.

Don’t speak. Act.
Don’t announce. Realise.

Lord, we are upon earth to accomplish Thy work of transformation.
It is our sole will, our sole preoccupation. Grant that it
may be also our sole occupation and that all our actions may
help us towards this single goal.

O Lord, Thou hast decided to test the quality of our faith and to
pass our sincerity on Thy touchstone. Grant that we come out
greater and purer from the ordeal.

Lord, Thou hast told us: Do not give way, hold tight. It is when
everything seems lost that all is saved.

My Lord, here is Thy advice to all, for this year:
“Never boast about anything, let your acts speak for you.”

No human will can finally prevail against the Divine’s Will. Let
us put ourselves deliberately and exclusively on the side of the
Divine, and the Victory is ultimately certain.

The greatest victories are the least noisy.
The manifestation of a new world is not proclaimed by beat
of drum.

A Power greater than that of Evil can alone win the victory.
It is not a crucified but a glorified body that will save the

O Nature, Material Mother, thou hast said that thou wilt collaborate
and there can be no limit to the splendour of this

At the very bottom of the inconscience most hard and rigid and
narrow and stifling I struck upon an almighty spring that cast
me up forthwith into a formless limitless Vast vibrating with the
seeds of a new world.

To know is good,
to live is better,
to be, that is perfect.

This wonderful world of delight waiting at our gates for our
call, to come down upon earth…

We thirst for perfection. Not this human perfection which is a
perfection of the ego and bars the way to the divine perfection.
But that one perfection which has the power to manifest
upon earth the Eternal Truth.

Let us prepare for the Hour of God.

Are you ready?

Salute to the advent of Truth.

Let us serve the Truth.

Men, countries, continents!
The choice is imperative:
Truth or the abyss.

Remain young, never stop striving towards perfection.

No words—acts.

The world is preparing for a big change.
Will you help?

Blessed are those who take a leap towards the Future.

Let us all try to be worthy of Sri Aurobindo’s centenary.

When you are conscious of the whole world at the same time,
then you can become conscious of the Divine.

The Mother and Sri Aurobindo

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