The Reality Of Money

Money cannot buy happiness. Money cannot buy love. Money cannot buy calmness and peace. As they say, the best things in life are free.


There is another way of looking at things:

Money is a potent force in the society we live in. It gives power to those who hold it. It makes people equal in many ways. It gives you the freedom to make important choices in life. It removes debt, it removes slavery from our jobs, it can make a lot of circumstances better or even go away and eases the costs of living. Yes, it may not buy happiness, but, you have to agree, that it gets rid of a lot of problems. Even when life throws its inevitable sorrows at us, having money is usually very useful to deal with them. Money, by getting rid of a lot of worries, makes it easier to relax and  to experience peace of mind and calmness. You get the time and means to focus on the people you love and things you love to do. Money is freedom. It is power. It allows you to support worthy causes and help those in need. It helps you spend your life the way you want.


You need to realize the following as well:

Our needs, in reality, are few. Our wants, are many, and in fact, are unlimited. The society we live in is bent on converting wants to needs. This makes us spend our life accumulating money for a lot of things that are unnecessary wants. Yes, what is unnecessary is very personal but if you think about things in a rational way and not an emotional way, you can easily see through these unnecessary wants….for example, in certain regions of the world, you may need a car to live, but a good second-hand car will usually do…a BMW is just a want. If we want upon trying to have and do everything we want, it would probably take a lot of money. This may not be possible or desirable.


If you have few wants, then you can be rich with a lot less money. You can get enough material satisfaction and have all the time to do what you really want and get all the things that money cannot buy. However you still have to grow and protect the money you have. You have to manage risk, stay ahead  of inflation and the taxman. And because we all will die someday, we have to decide whom to give it to and when.


Money is something we get when we spend our life energy. Optimising the way we relate to money and life energy is key to successful living. We need to ask a lot of personal questions in the process:

  • What does money mean to you?
  • What are you working for and saving for?
  • How are you spending your life energy?
  • How is the relationship between money and your life energy?

These are difficult questions. There are no easy answers. The answers will change as you live your life. But it never hurts to ask these questions and become aware of your answers.


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