The Easy Way And The Easier Way To Experience Mindfulness

The following are two exercises to experience a taste of mindfulness in just two minutes. Two minutes are optimal because almost anyone can have that attention span. You can begin to enjoy just being for just two minutes a day. Just being. To just be is simultaneously the most ordinary and the most precious experience in life. Let us look at them:

The Easy Way

The creatively named Easy Way is to simply bring gentle and consistent attention to your breath for two minutes. That’s it. Start by becoming aware that you are breathing, and then pay attention to the process of breathing. Every time your attention wanders away, just bring it back very gently.

The Easier Way

The Easier Way is, as its name may subtly suggest, even easier. All you have to do is sit without agenda for two minutes. Life really cannot get much simpler than that. The idea here is to shift from ‘doing’ to ‘being,’ whatever that means to you, for just two minutes. Just be.”

To make it even easier, you are free to switch between the Easy Way and the Easier Way anytime during these two minutes. Any time you feel like you want to bring awareness to breathing, just switch to easy. Any time you decide you’d rather just sit without agenda, just switch to Easier. No questions asked.

This simple exercise is mindfulness practice. If practiced often enough, it deepens the inherent calmness and clarity in the mind. It opens up the possibility of fully appreciating each moment in life, each one of which is precious. It is simple and life-changing. Even a child can learn how to do it.

Chade Meng Tan in “Search Inside Yourself”


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