The Beginning, The Journey And The End

The journey always has a beginning, the journey itself and the end. It is true of all journeys whether it is a single day, cooking, your finances, your studies or your whole life.

If we do not know what the end is, we will not know where we are going. We may wander aimlessly or we may meet great things. But when we start it is always good to have something to aim for, an end. Once we become masters of ourselves, the end probably does not figure in your mind as you are now seeking and exploring new vistas and it becomes a journey of excitement and discovery. So, at least for most of us, when we start out, we need to know what our end is, at least in a broad sense.

Then comes the journey itself. We have to have a reason for our journey. Why we want to do it? Why we want to do it and not do something else? Very often, we keep the end as money or wealth or status and that is not what truly drives our soul and being. The things that drive your soul or being are the things the being wants to evolve itself. Therefore the journey has to make sense and give us a sense of meaning and joy and not be some mundane thing we are going through just to get something.

This is similar to the ladder leaning against the right wall. We want to climb it because it is the right ladder and we should also enjoy the climbing and not just want to get at the top of the ladder. We need to begin with the end in mind but the journey is important. The journey makes up most of the moments. The end and beginning are just two moments. They give direction and that is important. The journey is no less important.

But at some point, we need to get rid of the ladder, the beginning of climbing and the end and just be. Like the flower that blooms, demonstrates its genius and then fades away. It can do that because it has realised oneness with its being. But we are all not like that now. We need structure and help, like the young sapling trying to grow. For now, our journey may be long or short, but it must start at the very spot one finds oneself.

Begin with the end in mind and enjoy the path in between.
Then live with no beginning, no path and no end.
Just living what Is.
Being and non-being. Doing and non-doing.
All the same. Ice. Water.Mist. Vapour.
The Divine.


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