The Uses Of Money

We know the price of everything. But very often we do not know the value of everything. Money plays a role in all aspects of our life and we need to understand it.

Money is a tool. We can use it for good, or for evil or let it remain idle. Some say money is the root of all evil but that is not true. However what is true is that if we love money more than other important things then that love of money can lead to all kinds of evil. Money is important and sometimes nothing can take its place but for many things money has no value at all. Like health, family relationships, etc.

When you look at money, you can only do four things with it:

Four things you can do with money

The  key is balance with regards to these four areas:

  • Acquiring stuff: What is use of working hard and long to acquire a lot of stuff when you don’t have the time to spend the stuff because all the time is spent in acquiring stuff.
  • Security: Money does give you security. But you can sometimes save and invest so much that you don’t spend money at all and make life miserable for yourself and others.
  • Create memories: Spending money to create memories is useful but then if you just keep on pursuing memories then you don’t really live as you can only live in the now.
  • Make the world a better place: Money is a great tool to do this but you have to be careful because you can be ripped off by frauds.

The key question to ask is: What is meaningful? What is right? before you worry about money.

Money is the way we exchange value. If you can create more value in the lives of other people, then you will end up having more money. Here value is perceived value and not true value. The beliefs we have about money influence the way we see money. We can see it as a servant or a master. It is an excellent servant but a terrible master. Money can lead to riches and wealth. But true wealth is more than money and riches. It is contentment. That is something we have control over. We can attain it any moment. The power money has is what you give it and that makes all the difference between wealth and poverty in its ultimate sense.


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